How much time do we put into the decisions we make,
“Spur of the moment” sometimes can be the biggest mistake.

The mystique of a quick decision is one we all like to make,
For me spontaneity is becoming slightly decayed,
I hope that you can relate,
To that which I say,
I’d prefer it that way,
Wouldn’t want to see any of us pay,
The price of rolling the dice to be cool in some way.

Peer pressured decisions will get your mind contaminated,
Type of shit that could just get you incarcerated,
In more ways than one, not simply just gated,
Incarcerated in ways that’ll leave your life ahead naked.

Frowns often given to the thoughtful overthinkers,
Quick decision makers labelled brainless is how it’s often seen,
Perhaps best if there’s a balance somewhere in-between.

Written By: Matthew Taylor