My Beat

Beats of all kinds move through different people.
Slow beats,
Fast beats,
Ones you can’t even hear yet feel.
I’ve come across many people and heard all kinds of beats.
Some religious and some indigenous to a certain place.

Yet my beat can travel through time and not get old,
It can touch the soul from all corners and bring a smile to the old.
I choose to have a beat that’s universal,
A beat that can break language barriers,
A beat with a simple principle that can even be heard by animals.
My beat brings people together,
Brings laughter to those around.
My beat can last forever and lift those up who’ve been struck down.

A happy beat,
A friendly beat,
A scarce beat.
A beat spoken of yet not into practice often enough,
A beat from up above,
My beat is love.


Written By: Matthew Taylor


Define a King

Define a King…

Is it having all the riches?
Gold, special wine, giant diamond rings?
A crown of expensive gems,
All those “valuable” things?
Is it having all the women?
Perhaps spoiling all your kids?
Is it how you retaliate or get even?
You know, how you handle your biz?
Is it living in mansions?
Driving the best whips?
Following all the latest trends?
Knowing who and who is tryna get it in?


Is it one who creates his own trends,
And instead of punishments,
He focuses on making amends,
One who leads by example,
In the hope of breeding future Kings,
Not in fear of his position,
But see’s all as equal human beings,
Even the opposite sex,
All women are treated as Queens,
A modern day hero,
Who inspires all to be a team rather than simply lead?

Perhaps we all have our own definitions and reasons we aspire to be Kings,
But if your aspirations is that of the first section then I can’t really relate to your “being”,
To be honest I’m not sure if there’s even a way of doing things In-between,
The latter inspires me and if it inspires you too,
Then let’s all be “Kings” and treat all women as Queens.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

Let Go, Let God

Not all misunderstandings need to be rectified,
Sometimes God’s plans come at the cost of man’s pride.
Some of the best creations have come from silly mistakes,
Sometimes a good relationship can be ruined for something great.
Not all mistakes and misunderstandings can be humanly explained,
Trust God,
Coz’ sometimes our plans don’t match the future he’s already laid.

Written By: Matthew Taylor