My Beat

Beats of all kinds move through different people.
Slow beats,
Fast beats,
Ones you can’t even hear yet feel.
I’ve come across many people and heard all kinds of beats.
Some religious and some indigenous to a certain place.

Yet my beat can travel through time and not get old,
It can touch the soul from all corners and bring a smile to the old.
I choose to have a beat that’s universal,
A beat that can break language barriers,
A beat with a simple principle that can even be heard by animals.
My beat brings people together,
Brings laughter to those around.
My beat can last forever and lift those up who’ve been struck down.

A happy beat,
A friendly beat,
A scarce beat.
A beat spoken of yet not into practice often enough,
A beat from up above,
My beat is love.


Written By: Matthew Taylor


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