The Devil Wears A Dress

I once thought she was awesome,
Then I realised I was a lost one.
She was one to do the run around,
I was just one that she wanted to be around.

With a devilish smile and charisma,
You just knew this girl was born to be a sinner.
No one could describe her,
She was one of them to sit back and admire.

She was looking for fame,
And played all the right games,
When you think you have her caught,
She sold you stories that you bought.

She ain’t the type you fall for,
Her game makes you want more,
Her lust the entrapment,
Love merely in fractions.

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_king89
From: Trinidad


A Piece Of Me

Imploring for attention,
Not my game.
Pre-occupied on doing me,
And grateful is thy name.

Insisting on secretly doing good behind closed doors is what truly matters,
Apologetic when I’m wrong remains one of my biggest assets.
Defiant in loss is something I can’t relate to,
Unearthing positives in every loss is something we should all be adapt to.

Arrogant about my opinions,
It’s what I truly believe in.
Affectionate to a select few,
Ask the small circle I today find myself in.

Often cautious in my approach to people of the opposite sex,
Constantly fighting to expel doubt from my brains application list.
Indecisiveness for the least part has allowed great opportunities to elude me,
Indecisiveness for the most part has protected me from my destiny.
I mostly seem to find myself interested in those who show no interest in me.
Those interested can surely then relate to me.
The seriousness of being out of the “game” this long often hits home every now and then in alarming fashion,
Never more so when I notice how bewildered I become when approached in a flirtatious manner.

My curiosity to dig deeper,
A trait developed from birth.
Incredulous nature,
To willingly accept that science gives all answers of our worth.
Irritated by Atheists condescending towards those who believe,
Hostile towards believers who don’t respect those who don’t believe.
Pensive in goals I’ve set out to achieve,
Anxious in my ability to cope with that which I’ve foreseen.

I find reassurance in the little good happening around the world,
That my ambitions are not in vain.
For every good deed outweighs a thousand bad,
I think I say this to help keep me sane.

If I carry on any further,
You too might question my sanity.
So I think I’ve said enough,
Just giving you a piece of me.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

A Place Called Heaven

There’s a place called heaven far far away,
A land full of glory and peace,
A place where I hope to be someday,
I repeat,
A place full of glory and peace.

I see the ladder’s are appearing,
The gate’s are opening wide,
Angel’s are singing in my ear’s
And God’s close by my side.
He puts his arms around me,
He say’s “My child come in,
You’re sins have been forgiven,
And you may enter in.”

I wake up and realize,
It’s just all but a dream.
Yet one I very much know,
Can be more than just a dream.

It can all come true,
If I stay on the right track.
Slipping and falling,
Surely is part of it all.

Sometimes they’ll keep you down,
When you just trying to get up,
Just remember.
When you reach the finish line,
And your name is in that book,
It wont matter what they said,
It wont matter if you crawled.


Written By: Matthew Taylor

Where Is It?

Some claim that they love you,
Yet with a simple mistake act like they never did.
So why should we love?
If its just a temporary trip,
Into one’s heart.

Love used to be so nice,
Well when it’s done right.
We used to look at our parents and say “Man I want that”,
Now parents don’t set examples,
They’re just as childish as us.

Guess love is something lost,
What we experience today is simply lust.
Well for the most part,
Cause most of us can’t be bothered,
In these times once you get hurt.
We use that as a shield,
To block out everyone in front of it.

But what about that one person?
The one that really wants to love you?
Don’t they or you deserve that chance?
Guess no one has time for old school romance.

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_king89
From: Trinidad

A Lost Generation

Imagine living in a world,
Where we could say exactly what’s on our mind.
Do you think peace would be able to over shadow war and crime?

Lately I feel like our generation is a lost cause,
But then again our parents raised us,
And that wouldn’t be fair to some of them at all.

I’ve seen sacrifices,
Endured hard times,
Heard neighbours making robberies to make sure rent is paid on time.
I live in a land where they say education is free,
But yet still there’s more drug dealers and gang bangers running free.
Tell me why don’t these young cats want to work their way up?
Perhaps because they like nice things and bling,
I guess all of them are the same.

No one said this life would have been easy,
Cause if it was,
Most of us would have been millionaires, now wouldn’t we?”

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_king89
From: Trinidad

I Guess She Stood Me Up…

“I dreamt about you all day,
Intentionally and unintentionally.
Can’t wait to taste you,
Hold you,
Feel you next to me,
Use my mouth to pop your sexy hat off,
Place my right hand gently over your spine.
Your worth every cent to me,
It feels good to know that your mine.

Every kiss tastes better,
Truly cant get enough of you.
The sweetest drug,
Tonight i might just treat you to the pool.
Never did that before,
Yet somehow I can’t help but sense déjàvu.
Wait! There’s this place I saw around town, 8pm just me and you!”

I placed my order,
Just so that i could see her.
Who knows what tonight the two of us could get up to.
Made sure the table was clear,
Looked around started worrying,
Couldn’t see her anywhere.
It was then,
Right there and then,
The waiter turned his back,
Looked right at me and said: “I’m sorry sir but we don’t serve no beer here.”


Written By: Matthew Taylor

I Break Bread With Street Kings

You think I’m reckless,
Coz you see me on the corner of the street,
On a Sunday afternoon,
Chatting to “bums”,
Smoking cigs,
Breaking bread,
Like we kings,
Truth is, we street kings.
You wanna judge?
Fuck you,
Coz you ain’t give us a damn thing!

Written By: Matthew Taylor