Full Circle

Cast me into a state of depression,
A place I’ve been many times before,
Let’s call it my profession.
This lonely ride i’m on,
I guess they call it life.
Still trying to figure this shit out,
Chronological succession.

Full circle,
It starts again.
When will i feel the presence of progression?
When one moment it being in my possession,
The down’s come tumbling,
One after the other in succession.
I tried a one-on-one session,
But my facial expression alone told her,
Depression has taken it’s position.

A greater ambition lies deep inside,
To avoid usual tradition,
Pretending that everything’s fine.
See I’m no tactician,
That’s my personal omission.
So it is what it is,
I am who i am,
I refuse to be partitioned.
So i speak from the heart,
The strongest ammunition.
I won’t go further in-depth,
I despise repetition.
But listen,
If you running away from love,
Man that’s basically malnutrition.
But come book yourself in,
She’s waiting….
My so-called dietician.


Written By: Matthew Taylor


One comment

  1. thejerseygal®™ · October 1, 2013

    Very good

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