Somewhere In-between

I’m free,
Free to do whatever I want to.
Living my life,
The only way that I want to.

Positive energy,
Surely produces a positive mind.
These two are sure to let the negatives decline.

No strings attached,
Is the way I like things best.
Yet falling down,
I’m not afraid,
I prefer such tests.

Grow me,
Mold me,
I’m alive so I’m blessed.
Here and now,
My future I owe to you God,
I forget the rest.
Focusing on the past is an act so jaded,
Try never to look back,
It’s old,
It’s faded.

Picked up 5 bucks,
Next day I placed 10 bucks back.
But forget what I did and what I’ll do,
It’s where I’m at.
See lives of Kings and Queens,
Is a life for tomorrow.
Past the teenage dream,
I’m just somewhere in-between.


Written By: Matthew Taylor


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