The Lonely Inmate

You giggle when I trip,
Laugh when I fall.
You’re an expert at exposing my weaknesses.
An exponential temptation to the worlds offerings.
You extort my mind to the things I enjoy,
But you remain external to me,
As your extraction tactics explode outside my exquisite wall.
But your temptations never expire,
Instead they increase in number.
I’m an experimental guy and your experiments never seem to fade.
You extravagant to get what you want,
And express your mission in various shapes and sizes.
I’m trying hard to expel you from my life,
But its easier said than done.
I’m not perfect,
And truth is I’ll never be.
That’s no excuse,
But with the man above on my side,
You will never have the upper hand on me.


Written By: Matthew Taylor


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