War Chest

I’m in a daze,
Feels more like a maze,
9-6 shifts,
Straight 5 days.
But I changed for the sake of my future,
Like 0-30,
That’s my life,
Like a ruler.

Contemplating my next step,
Coz I’ve got to move fast,
While appreciating everyday,
Like it’s my last breath.
Tattooed Jesus on my heart,
So I’m not afraid of death.
Predict my next move?
You’ll need a second guess.

I keep hearing I’m so kind,
You’d swear I’m a doorman,
Welcoming guests.
I remain this way even as I feel this girl by my side plotting something,
But right now,
I think i’m blinded,
Nice breasts.
I feel like telling everybody,
But she got me on house arrest.
Or maybe I’m just fooling myself,

At night I lay on my bed and wonder,
Am I possessed?
Thinking I’ll be safe through the night because I got a cross on my chest.
Went to church,
On my knees,
I just spat it out,
Got it addressed.
But I haven’t heard an answer from Jesus,
So really I’m not impressed.
I confessed,
About all my demons,
Now to you I confess.

Am I addicted to money?
Or am I recessed?
Coz without it I’m feeling lonely,
Perhaps even depressed.
I think I need to have my mind assessed,
Drop the life vest,
Face up to what it is & get a stress test.

Man life can be so bitter,
But I’m biting into it,
Lemon zest.
Taste isn’t always good,
But I love the feeling in my chest.
Can’t lie,
I’m not an angel,
But I try my best.
So fly,
Might build my own house,
Birds nest.
Wake up and look myself in the mirror,
Screaming “I’m the best!”
Man I gotta thank God that I just passed the test.

Sometimes we just need to kick back and forget the rest.
You know,
Just be at ease, have rest,
Rest is part of progress.

You oppressed?
Free your mind,
Never be afraid to express!
And if I’m not making sense,
Don’t come to me with your protests.
I dispossess,
Consider this note a mental test.
Go back to the start,
This note is like a war chest.
Good against evil,
I’m good,
Why settle for second best?
This shit is like a good cooked meal,
Yeah mom’s Sunday best.
Man you’d swear your mother took that plate out a treasure chest.
Back to the note,
Understand what I write is stronger than your average antidote.
Listen to what I say,
See how all your problems fall away,

Some say I’m a wannabe rapper,
But I don’t even rap?
This is poetry at It’s best,
So shut your big ass trap!
On second thought,
Love the hate,
Suggest you keep em coming.
For those who feel my words,
Be blessed,
Keep it 100.


Written By: Matthew Taylor


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