A Different Kind Of Hero

A hero to me is not just a person who died for their country,
Went inside a burning building or stuff like that.
A hero to me is a single mother who survives everyday by herself,
Working two jobs just to cover the rent,
Pay her kids tuition,
And make sure they don’t starve to death.

A teenager against all odds getting through peer pressure.
An alcoholic walking into a rehab center.
A father being not just a father but a friend,
A care giver,
A brick wall for his kids.

A friend who no matter what or how wrong you are,
Stands up for you and takes your side.
A girl who rejects the richest guy in the world,
Doesn’t want him for his money,
Doesn’t need his jewels.

A kid who gets bullied everyday,
Yet everyday looks em in the eye,
With a smile on his face.
A kid who defies all odds,
Leaves his mates,
To spend time with the “nerd”
Whom nobody involves.

A man who will take out a note,
Give it to the man on the street,
Even though he’s already dead broke.
A teacher who goes beyond her job,
To teach kids not only bout knowledge,
But how to spread love.

A person who no matter how hard they are being hit,
Or pushed,
Or beat down,
No matter how bad they are emotionally,
Or psychologically,
They stand up and keep going.
They push through the pain of life,

That to me is a hero.
A person who isn’t just there,
But is there living,


Written By: Matthew Taylor


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