I Guess She Stood Me Up…

“I dreamt about you all day,
Intentionally and unintentionally.
Can’t wait to taste you,
Hold you,
Feel you next to me,
Use my mouth to pop your sexy hat off,
Place my right hand gently over your spine.
Your worth every cent to me,
It feels good to know that your mine.

Every kiss tastes better,
Truly cant get enough of you.
The sweetest drug,
Tonight i might just treat you to the pool.
Never did that before,
Yet somehow I can’t help but sense déjàvu.
Wait! There’s this place I saw around town, 8pm just me and you!”

I placed my order,
Just so that i could see her.
Who knows what tonight the two of us could get up to.
Made sure the table was clear,
Looked around started worrying,
Couldn’t see her anywhere.
It was then,
Right there and then,
The waiter turned his back,
Looked right at me and said: “I’m sorry sir but we don’t serve no beer here.”


Written By: Matthew Taylor


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