A Lost Generation

Imagine living in a world,
Where we could say exactly what’s on our mind.
Do you think peace would be able to over shadow war and crime?

Lately I feel like our generation is a lost cause,
But then again our parents raised us,
And that wouldn’t be fair to some of them at all.

I’ve seen sacrifices,
Endured hard times,
Heard neighbours making robberies to make sure rent is paid on time.
I live in a land where they say education is free,
But yet still there’s more drug dealers and gang bangers running free.
Tell me why don’t these young cats want to work their way up?
Perhaps because they like nice things and bling,
I guess all of them are the same.

No one said this life would have been easy,
Cause if it was,
Most of us would have been millionaires, now wouldn’t we?”

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_king89
From: Trinidad


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