Where Is It?

Some claim that they love you,
Yet with a simple mistake act like they never did.
So why should we love?
If its just a temporary trip,
Into one’s heart.

Love used to be so nice,
Well when it’s done right.
We used to look at our parents and say “Man I want that”,
Now parents don’t set examples,
They’re just as childish as us.

Guess love is something lost,
What we experience today is simply lust.
Well for the most part,
Cause most of us can’t be bothered,
In these times once you get hurt.
We use that as a shield,
To block out everyone in front of it.

But what about that one person?
The one that really wants to love you?
Don’t they or you deserve that chance?
Guess no one has time for old school romance.

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_king89
From: Trinidad


One comment

  1. mzluvlii · October 17, 2013

    I truly enjoyed this! I swear I think about this all the time! Love (true love) has lost it’s way somewhere…

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