A Place Called Heaven

There’s a place called heaven far far away,
A land full of glory and peace,
A place where I hope to be someday,
I repeat,
A place full of glory and peace.

I see the ladder’s are appearing,
The gate’s are opening wide,
Angel’s are singing in my ear’s
And God’s close by my side.
He puts his arms around me,
He say’s “My child come in,
You’re sins have been forgiven,
And you may enter in.”

I wake up and realize,
It’s just all but a dream.
Yet one I very much know,
Can be more than just a dream.

It can all come true,
If I stay on the right track.
Slipping and falling,
Surely is part of it all.

Sometimes they’ll keep you down,
When you just trying to get up,
Just remember.
When you reach the finish line,
And your name is in that book,
It wont matter what they said,
It wont matter if you crawled.


Written By: Matthew Taylor


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