Forget Tomorrow

Leaning my back against a tree,
Sitting on it’s fallen brown leafs.
The smell of green grass and plants blooming from the ground,
Fill my lungs with the freshest hope that things will turn around.

See it’s spring right now,
The worst is all behind me,
The best still to come.
Yet there’s something about this phase,
The struggle,
The belief,
The hope,
The faith that things will improve.
It’s the start of something amazing,
Those all important first steps towards greatness.

This inspires me to keep going.
Keep going everyday,
Acknowledging that if alive tomorrow,
Downs will come again,
While keeping faith that no matter what,
I will rise once again.

Up’s and down’s,
See even up’s can cause frowns,
When you thinking about tomorrow,
But what about living right now?

Written By: Matthew Taylor


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