To the police officers who truly go into the force to serve and protect mankind,
Not driven by money or choosing sides and accepting bribes.

To the leakers exposing corrupt governments killing innocents and spending money on arms,
Yet can’t provide free education or stop bullying our farms.

To the musicians being forced to switch lyrics and persona,
Yet remain true to themselves not tempted by fame nor fortune.

Respect to everyone not driven by money or fame,
The ones who realise that as a species,
We’re one and the same.
Respect to those putting their life on the line exposing evils,
Risking accusations of insanity,
And those staying true to themselves,
Not willing to sell out to the industry.

Respect to you if you read this with an open mind,
Respect to you if you respect those who fight for the greater good of mankind.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Fear, Vision & Positivity

My only fear is that God forgets me,
So before I die,
I pray I’m worthy of an entry.
I fear no man,
No woman,
Just God.
Okay and gecko’s,
Maybe moths too,
I know that’s slightly odd.

Before the judging starts,
I hope you acknowledge my intentions being pure at heart.

Don’t fear the end,
For where revelations ends,
May that be where our lives begin.
Where lies entertain,
May God’s truth sink in.

May good words overpower the darkest scriptures and curses,
And good deeds out-fame celebrity news,
Like who wore who’s designer purses.
May good people see more light than darkness,
And good kids be more spoilt than those who bully others.
May we see good as attractive instead of a turn-off,
And intelligence praised rather than ridiculed as a know-all.
May devilish thoughts be brushed off like dirt off our shoulders,
And more positive thoughts be expressed rather than suppressed,
Because we afraid of how masses might digest.

Wins will overcome losses,
Good eventually overcome evil,
Masses become leaders rather than sheeple.
Waking up rather than falling asleep,
Governments being transparent rather than hiding truth deep.
This will occur,
In humanity I believe.
Now let’s wake up from this sleep,
Apply positivity before we 6 feet deep.

Written By: Matthew Taylor