To the police officers who truly go into the force to serve and protect mankind,
Not driven by money or choosing sides and accepting bribes.

To the leakers exposing corrupt governments killing innocents and spending money on arms,
Yet can’t provide free education or stop bullying our farms.

To the musicians being forced to switch lyrics and persona,
Yet remain true to themselves not tempted by fame nor fortune.

Respect to everyone not driven by money or fame,
The ones who realise that as a species,
We’re one and the same.
Respect to those putting their life on the line exposing evils,
Risking accusations of insanity,
And those staying true to themselves,
Not willing to sell out to the industry.

Respect to you if you read this with an open mind,
Respect to you if you respect those who fight for the greater good of mankind.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


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