The American Nightmare

The “top” can only be individually defined,
Don’t let the fake dream of the American dream inspire.

When you think of it,
What does the American dream require?
And really, what is the American dream defined?

To be famous?
To get rich?
Sell your soul?
Is it this?
Coz American freedom doesn’t exist,
Wikileaks taught me this,
No Martin Luther King taught me this,
Wait, didn’t JFK teach us this?
Or Ron Paul feed us this?
Man, what’s it gonna take for us to realise this?
How much revolutionary blood needs to be shed for us to wake up from this?

This dark spell that we under,
That’s blinded us and made us feel so good,
That the deeper we go under,
The more the truth is misunderstood.

See money has become the number one ambition,
Intentionally and unintentionally we don’t even realise that we’ve lost our souls and become slaves through this whole money motive transition.

So once again I ask you,
What is the American Dream?
Coz if it’s all about money,
I want no part of this dream.
And since freedom is a myth,
And “America’s” Nike Air’s actually get flown in from Indonesia not Missisip,
This fake dream is something I couldn’t be apart of even if dared,
So tonight I pray we all wake up from this beautifully disguised nightmare.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


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