Erase Me

I tried hard not to be,
What I am today,
Left some people wondering why,
While others were asking why not,
And they wanted me to be what everyone strives to be.

But I’m me,
I do not want to be rich,
Nor do I want to be famous,
I just want to be me,
Just simple, plain old me.

Some might say I am pretty boring,
Maybe I am boring,
I could also be uncool,
But I don’t give a thought to each of your views.

To the very few who understand me,
And share my vision,
For a better today,
And a brighter tomorrow,
It’s all love,
Keep that flame burning.

For the rest, I don’t mind that you don’t want to know me any more,
Forgive me,
Forget me,
I am not who you are searching for.
Erase the time you met me,
Delete the moments we have been together,
Because that me never existed in the first place,
Never will we cross paths again,
Think of me as a bad dream,
You just want to forget me.

This is the new me,
Or person I have always wanted to be,
The person who was hidden inside of me,
Waiting patiently to be set free.
This is me,
Accept it or beat it,
And if you beat it,
Erase it,
Because that was not me.

Written By: Matthew Taylor



Vice Doesn’t Always Mean Versa

I feel no guilt for dropping your ass,
Coz you were never there for me,
The way that I stood up for you,
When every time your name came up,
All I heard was trash!

Never judged you,
Picked you up when you were down,
Gave you a smile,
Whenever you frowned.
But picture me now,
My worst fear,
Starring at the mirror,
A sad clown.

I’m not one for material things,
But right now I’m down,
Gave you my wings,
How pathetic that sounds.

But fly, fly away,
I’m used to it now,
Following your shadow,
So when you fall,
I’ll still be there,
To catch you somehow.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Forever is Today


Never will I worry about yesterday,
Never will I worry about what I could have done,
Today I will get it done.

Never will I worry about tomorrow,
Never will I worry about what I could do,
Today I will do.

Today is my forever.

Written By: Matthew TaylorIMG_20141005_125216