Knowledge, Experience, Feelings

I’ve never searched for someone,
Never searched for certain traits or features.
Never searched for the one,
Never searched for keepers.

Never listened to preachers,
Without researching and feeling it myself.
Never listened to hearsay,
Without experiencing her myself.

Never listened to the beats flowing out of the speakers,
Without listening to the words.
Never thought I’d not get my favourite sneakers,
To spend a night out with a girl.

Always knew I’d be one of the writers,
Readers just never seemed to get the girls.
Now I’m flipping pages on the daily,
Trying to find sanity in this world.

See it’s reading that taught me that politicians are the biggest crooks.
And it’s reading that taught me that bankers are the real decision makers,
Not the famous leaders who dominate history books.

But it’s experience that taught me perfect people only exist in books,
Experience taught me not to search for her in dark corners and nooks.
Experience taught me the soul overpowers good looks,
Experience taught me that experience overpowers the knowledge of books.

Feelings have taught me to ignore the worlds rules and what the eye’s see,
Feelings have taught me that the world’s troubles mean nothing when I’m with thee.

Written By: Matthew Taylor