I just want to hear my heart beat for a minute,
My thoughts are loud enough so please don’t speak for a minute.

Let me smoke in peace for a minute,
Blowing tree’s under tree’s is what I need for a minute.

So I can read for a minute,
I’m tired of doing irrelevant shit, my mind just needs to feed for a minute.

I don’t want to speak for a minute,
So writing might just be what I need for a minute.

So I can finish writing this piece in a minute,
Close my eye’s before I forget to simply breath and live for a minute.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


What’s Really Real?

Sometimes I want to forget,
Forget the words that I’ve said.
Sometimes I feel regret,
Regret for stupid decisions I’ve made.
Sometimes I feel like I’m spent,
Spent of all love inside.
Sometimes I feel there’s no hope,
Hope for peace in these times.

At times I feel like I’m me,
At times I feel like I’m not.
At times I feel like I’m free,
At times I feel like I’m blocked.
At times I feel I’m at peace,
At times I feel I’m being shot.
At times I feel life is real,
But most time’s I feel like it’s not.

What’s really real and what’s not?
Coz physical thing’s are not much.
Some feelings don’t really last,
Except when living in the past.

What’s constant?
I think heaven only knows.
Liquor and drugs sooth the overthinking brain,
And prayer seems to keep me from going insane.

Complex words,
Complex nerd,
Complex girls,
Complex world.

All I have is my word,
Two rosaries under my shirt.

Written By: Matthew Taylor