Thinking About You

I’m not sure if it’s your sweet nature that got you to creep into this heart,
But I definitely know that honest gentle smile had to be somewhat of a start.
I respect what you have with him in each and every way,
But that doesn’t help the fact that I think about you for what feels like each and every day.

My smile remains every day,
This is not some soppy heartbreak story.
Truth is I’m happy for you,
Jealousy is no part of my inventory.

I do wish I could see you sometime soon,
Share a few stories and play you 7 Day’s in Sunny June.
Listen to your stories about how you’ve been,
How you’ve bloomed.
Who knows,
Maybe you’ll fall asleep on my shoulder again,
And this time I won’t snooze,
Or maybe I’ll forever be the daydreamer,
The man on the moon.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


No Truth, So I Speak To Myself

Understand a few languages but only interested in speaking the truth,
Guess that’s why I spend most of my time speaking to myself and not in the company of you.
So I spend my days writing,
Writing away,
Fake people try to get close,
Give them no time of day.
Used to be sensitive,
Then I OD’d on Sensodyne,
Now I’m busting doors down taking what’s rightfully mine.
See truth sadly on the decline,
Believe my opinions are dimes.
Cleaned my head and my thoughts,
Now I’m head and shoulders above most.

Thoughts of the future,
One thing I can’t be,
If you didn’t know,
Story of my life,

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen,
Or the local cafe on the corner.
Where I catch the morning sun,
Or where I put my head to rest when the day is done.
I know now that I belong.
Whether it’s Beijing,
Or Medellín,
Sorry mother,
Perhaps I’m somewhat a scatterling.
Although I cannot stand the thought of being boxed or domed in,
The way I see it,
I could be in a hotel, motel or inn and still feel at home.
Never a new beginning like spring,
This entire world is my home,
And I’m not stopping till I’ve made sure all the rooms are clean.

Written By: Matthew Taylor