Sometimes It’s Okay To Be Sad

My biggest lesson this year,
Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the solution.
Stay away from the gutter and all that pollution.
Sometimes it’s okay to be sad,
But God will give your heart a jump start when it gets too bad.

As long as I keep my roots deep I will not fear the wind,
No matter what storm comes along it’s on God I depend.
I am a strong dude, everything that’s hit me in my life I handled mostly on my own,
I feel like a worn out bird during a rough flight that was flown.

I’ve cried myself to sleep some nights but those tears have since dried up,
I’ve armed myself with self-love,
It’s protected me from my fears.
I’ve picked myself up,
Grew up from people that tried to break me,
Because of my strength I got stronger each time and wouldn’t let the enemy take me.

In a dark place,
I felt she left me for dead,
Helping me up was an effort too tall.
I felt pushed to the edge,
At one point ready to fall.
I felt broken emotionally and mentally yet somehow survived through it all.

There were times I felt like a bird whose wing was broken and was told to fly,
What sense did that make,
All I could do was cry.
I was told to be happy after my soul was broken,
Are you serious woman?
What did you swallow?
Are you joking or choking?

I guess if you play with fire you’re going to get burnt,
So one day I realized my lesson will be learned.
You have no control over what others think,
But you do have control over what you think and who you are so walk away from the stink.
Don’t make space in your heart to hate them in any way,
Their opinions mean nothing so just live to fulfill your own way!
Either people love you for who you are or they can keep on walking,
Until the end of time those negative people will keep on talking.

As long as you have God they can’t harm you in any way,
It’s their understanding that is faulty,  not yours,  allow God to give you that special day.
You have to remove those toxic germs from your life,
Otherwise you’ll never have peace,
Only chaos and strife.
Don’t make room for those who cause you heartache and pain,
Grab on to your rainbow after the rain!

Written By:
Matthew Taylor


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