Sometimes It’s Okay To Be Sad

My biggest lesson this year,
Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the solution.
Stay away from the gutter and all that pollution.
Sometimes it’s okay to be sad,
But God will give your heart a jump start when it gets too bad.

As long as I keep my roots deep I will not fear the wind,
No matter what storm comes along it’s on God I depend.
I am a strong dude, everything that’s hit me in my life I handled mostly on my own,
I feel like a worn out bird during a rough flight that was flown.

I’ve cried myself to sleep some nights but those tears have since dried up,
I’ve armed myself with self-love,
It’s protected me from my fears.
I’ve picked myself up,
Grew up from people that tried to break me,
Because of my strength I got stronger each time and wouldn’t let the enemy take me.

In a dark place,
I felt she left me for dead,
Helping me up was an effort too tall.
I felt pushed to the edge,
At one point ready to fall.
I felt broken emotionally and mentally yet somehow survived through it all.

There were times I felt like a bird whose wing was broken and was told to fly,
What sense did that make,
All I could do was cry.
I was told to be happy after my soul was broken,
Are you serious woman?
What did you swallow?
Are you joking or choking?

I guess if you play with fire you’re going to get burnt,
So one day I realized my lesson will be learned.
You have no control over what others think,
But you do have control over what you think and who you are so walk away from the stink.
Don’t make space in your heart to hate them in any way,
Their opinions mean nothing so just live to fulfill your own way!
Either people love you for who you are or they can keep on walking,
Until the end of time those negative people will keep on talking.

As long as you have God they can’t harm you in any way,
It’s their understanding that is faulty,  not yours,  allow God to give you that special day.
You have to remove those toxic germs from your life,
Otherwise you’ll never have peace,
Only chaos and strife.
Don’t make room for those who cause you heartache and pain,
Grab on to your rainbow after the rain!

Written By:
Matthew Taylor


The Wall

I saw the most beautiful face the other day,
She was high up peaking over a face-brick wall.
I couldn’t reach to shake her hand,
Or understand why she was up there,
But we conversed for hours,
And when she went silent,
I would simply just stare.
Every now and then she’d disappear,
But it seemed like she enjoyed my company,
So I’d wait around for her to return,
Waiting patiently to hear her story.
I’d ask her where she went to,
And broken stories would stumble off her tongue.
I couldn’t tell if she was telling the truth,
I knew I liked her so the inconsistencies stung.
A part of me didn’t care,
Her personality left me in awe.
Another part of me did,
I feel like she needed my help,
A bigger part of me cared.
After some time she eventually leaned over,
I rushed to grab her hand,
But she quickly let go,
Telling me she was more comfortable hanging on the wall,
Somehow I began to understand.

I don’t think she knows how beautiful she is,
Or that I come in peace.
I don’t think she knows how much I care,
And that I’m not a repeat.
I don’t think she knows I want to help,
I’m not here for a midnight treat.
I just want her to know that she’s special to me,
But without her willingness,
This wall I cannot defeat.


Written By: Matthew Taylor


Sometimes I feel like I have these tears to cry,
And I’m left with all these wondering questions of why?
Why can’t we seem to get over the past,
And come together and be a whole at last?
Why won’t you at least try to believe what I say,
Instead of just constantly pushing me away?
Why do I keep putting myself out there,
When sometimes you don’t even seem to care?
I have these emotions I wish you would see,
So I wouldn’t be left with the questions of,
Will she or won’t she?
Will she ever love me like a love I once knew?
And give me the things I once knew?
Won’t she see,
I feel I don’t know her anymore,
And let herself go back to how she was before?
Will I still hurt when I heal,
Or will she finally let me feel?


Written By: Matthew Taylor

Broken Pieces

Since we crossed paths on this lonely road,
I’ve given you my last tissue,
And the similarities between us begin to unfold.
It seems you feel trust is owed,
But your actions make me second guess if your last guy was really the issue.

I continue.
I persist.
I believe in you.
Yet at times I feel that to you I just exist.
In the midst of all the controversy,
In the mist of all the broken stories,
I insist that one day you’ll open up to me.

I pick up the broken pieces though,
And can tell you’ve had it rough.
Am I not allowed to draw conclusions,
Since you show little emotion except being tough?
Is my time not enough?
My open mind not enough?
This open book of mine not enough?
Will you please just open up?
Before I give you back your broken pieces,
Mine are heavy as it is.


Written By: Matthew Taylor

Thinking About You

I’m not sure if it’s your sweet nature that got you to creep into this heart,
But I definitely know that honest gentle smile had to be somewhat of a start.
I respect what you have with him in each and every way,
But that doesn’t help the fact that I think about you for what feels like each and every day.

My smile remains every day,
This is not some soppy heartbreak story.
Truth is I’m happy for you,
Jealousy is no part of my inventory.

I do wish I could see you sometime soon,
Share a few stories and play you 7 Day’s in Sunny June.
Listen to your stories about how you’ve been,
How you’ve bloomed.
Who knows,
Maybe you’ll fall asleep on my shoulder again,
And this time I won’t snooze,
Or maybe I’ll forever be the daydreamer,
The man on the moon.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

No Truth, So I Speak To Myself

Understand a few languages but only interested in speaking the truth,
Guess that’s why I spend most of my time speaking to myself and not in the company of you.
So I spend my days writing,
Writing away,
Fake people try to get close,
Give them no time of day.
Used to be sensitive,
Then I OD’d on Sensodyne,
Now I’m busting doors down taking what’s rightfully mine.
See truth sadly on the decline,
Believe my opinions are dimes.
Cleaned my head and my thoughts,
Now I’m head and shoulders above most.

Thoughts of the future,
One thing I can’t be,
If you didn’t know,
Story of my life,

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen,
Or the local cafe on the corner.
Where I catch the morning sun,
Or where I put my head to rest when the day is done.
I know now that I belong.
Whether it’s Beijing,
Or Medellín,
Sorry mother,
Perhaps I’m somewhat a scatterling.
Although I cannot stand the thought of being boxed or domed in,
The way I see it,
I could be in a hotel, motel or inn and still feel at home.
Never a new beginning like spring,
This entire world is my home,
And I’m not stopping till I’ve made sure all the rooms are clean.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


I just want to hear my heart beat for a minute,
My thoughts are loud enough so please don’t speak for a minute.

Let me smoke in peace for a minute,
Blowing tree’s under tree’s is what I need for a minute.

So I can read for a minute,
I’m tired of doing irrelevant shit, my mind just needs to feed for a minute.

I don’t want to speak for a minute,
So writing might just be what I need for a minute.

So I can finish writing this piece in a minute,
Close my eye’s before I forget to simply breath and live for a minute.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

What’s Really Real?

Sometimes I want to forget,
Forget the words that I’ve said.
Sometimes I feel regret,
Regret for stupid decisions I’ve made.
Sometimes I feel like I’m spent,
Spent of all love inside.
Sometimes I feel there’s no hope,
Hope for peace in these times.

At times I feel like I’m me,
At times I feel like I’m not.
At times I feel like I’m free,
At times I feel like I’m blocked.
At times I feel I’m at peace,
At times I feel I’m being shot.
At times I feel life is real,
But most time’s I feel like it’s not.

What’s really real and what’s not?
Coz physical thing’s are not much.
Some feelings don’t really last,
Except when living in the past.

What’s constant?
I think heaven only knows.
Liquor and drugs sooth the overthinking brain,
And prayer seems to keep me from going insane.

Complex words,
Complex nerd,
Complex girls,
Complex world.

All I have is my word,
Two rosaries under my shirt.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

Life Is A Feeling Process

See me,
I don’t know what’s really going on.
All I know is how I feel,
And how I feel is strong.

Right or wrong,
I don’t know how to decipher.
How I feel is how I feel,
I’ll let the feeling be the decider.

I’ve come to learn that a lot can be said,
A lot can be read,
A lot can be heard.
But it’s ultimately how I feel,
That’ll be the deal breaker in the end.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

Knowledge, Experience, Feelings

I’ve never searched for someone,
Never searched for certain traits or features.
Never searched for the one,
Never searched for keepers.

Never listened to preachers,
Without researching and feeling it myself.
Never listened to hearsay,
Without experiencing her myself.

Never listened to the beats flowing out of the speakers,
Without listening to the words.
Never thought I’d not get my favourite sneakers,
To spend a night out with a girl.

Always knew I’d be one of the writers,
Readers just never seemed to get the girls.
Now I’m flipping pages on the daily,
Trying to find sanity in this world.

See it’s reading that taught me that politicians are the biggest crooks.
And it’s reading that taught me that bankers are the real decision makers,
Not the famous leaders who dominate history books.

But it’s experience that taught me perfect people only exist in books,
Experience taught me not to search for her in dark corners and nooks.
Experience taught me the soul overpowers good looks,
Experience taught me that experience overpowers the knowledge of books.

Feelings have taught me to ignore the worlds rules and what the eye’s see,
Feelings have taught me that the world’s troubles mean nothing when I’m with thee.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

Erase Me

I tried hard not to be,
What I am today,
Left some people wondering why,
While others were asking why not,
And they wanted me to be what everyone strives to be.

But I’m me,
I do not want to be rich,
Nor do I want to be famous,
I just want to be me,
Just simple, plain old me.

Some might say I am pretty boring,
Maybe I am boring,
I could also be uncool,
But I don’t give a thought to each of your views.

To the very few who understand me,
And share my vision,
For a better today,
And a brighter tomorrow,
It’s all love,
Keep that flame burning.

For the rest, I don’t mind that you don’t want to know me any more,
Forgive me,
Forget me,
I am not who you are searching for.
Erase the time you met me,
Delete the moments we have been together,
Because that me never existed in the first place,
Never will we cross paths again,
Think of me as a bad dream,
You just want to forget me.

This is the new me,
Or person I have always wanted to be,
The person who was hidden inside of me,
Waiting patiently to be set free.
This is me,
Accept it or beat it,
And if you beat it,
Erase it,
Because that was not me.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Vice Doesn’t Always Mean Versa

I feel no guilt for dropping your ass,
Coz you were never there for me,
The way that I stood up for you,
When every time your name came up,
All I heard was trash!

Never judged you,
Picked you up when you were down,
Gave you a smile,
Whenever you frowned.
But picture me now,
My worst fear,
Starring at the mirror,
A sad clown.

I’m not one for material things,
But right now I’m down,
Gave you my wings,
How pathetic that sounds.

But fly, fly away,
I’m used to it now,
Following your shadow,
So when you fall,
I’ll still be there,
To catch you somehow.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Forever is Today


Never will I worry about yesterday,
Never will I worry about what I could have done,
Today I will get it done.

Never will I worry about tomorrow,
Never will I worry about what I could do,
Today I will do.

Today is my forever.

Written By: Matthew TaylorIMG_20141005_125216

Once Bitten

Once bitten,
Twice shy.
Once bitten,
I became a different guy.

Once bitten,
Through lies.
Once bitten,
It turned me into a spy.

Once bitten,
I was high.
Once bitten,
I fell down from the sky.

Once bitten,
It changed me.
Once bitten,
Through time and prayer I retained me.

Once bitten,
By a poisonous snake.
Once bitten,
I was healed through God’s grace.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

The American Nightmare

The “top” can only be individually defined,
Don’t let the fake dream of the American dream inspire.

When you think of it,
What does the American dream require?
And really, what is the American dream defined?

To be famous?
To get rich?
Sell your soul?
Is it this?
Coz American freedom doesn’t exist,
Wikileaks taught me this,
No Martin Luther King taught me this,
Wait, didn’t JFK teach us this?
Or Ron Paul feed us this?
Man, what’s it gonna take for us to realise this?
How much revolutionary blood needs to be shed for us to wake up from this?

This dark spell that we under,
That’s blinded us and made us feel so good,
That the deeper we go under,
The more the truth is misunderstood.

See money has become the number one ambition,
Intentionally and unintentionally we don’t even realise that we’ve lost our souls and become slaves through this whole money motive transition.

So once again I ask you,
What is the American Dream?
Coz if it’s all about money,
I want no part of this dream.
And since freedom is a myth,
And “America’s” Nike Air’s actually get flown in from Indonesia not Missisip,
This fake dream is something I couldn’t be apart of even if dared,
So tonight I pray we all wake up from this beautifully disguised nightmare.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


To the police officers who truly go into the force to serve and protect mankind,
Not driven by money or choosing sides and accepting bribes.

To the leakers exposing corrupt governments killing innocents and spending money on arms,
Yet can’t provide free education or stop bullying our farms.

To the musicians being forced to switch lyrics and persona,
Yet remain true to themselves not tempted by fame nor fortune.

Respect to everyone not driven by money or fame,
The ones who realise that as a species,
We’re one and the same.
Respect to those putting their life on the line exposing evils,
Risking accusations of insanity,
And those staying true to themselves,
Not willing to sell out to the industry.

Respect to you if you read this with an open mind,
Respect to you if you respect those who fight for the greater good of mankind.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

Fear, Vision & Positivity

My only fear is that God forgets me,
So before I die,
I pray I’m worthy of an entry.
I fear no man,
No woman,
Just God.
Okay and gecko’s,
Maybe moths too,
I know that’s slightly odd.

Before the judging starts,
I hope you acknowledge my intentions being pure at heart.

Don’t fear the end,
For where revelations ends,
May that be where our lives begin.
Where lies entertain,
May God’s truth sink in.

May good words overpower the darkest scriptures and curses,
And good deeds out-fame celebrity news,
Like who wore who’s designer purses.
May good people see more light than darkness,
And good kids be more spoilt than those who bully others.
May we see good as attractive instead of a turn-off,
And intelligence praised rather than ridiculed as a know-all.
May devilish thoughts be brushed off like dirt off our shoulders,
And more positive thoughts be expressed rather than suppressed,
Because we afraid of how masses might digest.

Wins will overcome losses,
Good eventually overcome evil,
Masses become leaders rather than sheeple.
Waking up rather than falling asleep,
Governments being transparent rather than hiding truth deep.
This will occur,
In humanity I believe.
Now let’s wake up from this sleep,
Apply positivity before we 6 feet deep.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

Forget Tomorrow

Leaning my back against a tree,
Sitting on it’s fallen brown leafs.
The smell of green grass and plants blooming from the ground,
Fill my lungs with the freshest hope that things will turn around.

See it’s spring right now,
The worst is all behind me,
The best still to come.
Yet there’s something about this phase,
The struggle,
The belief,
The hope,
The faith that things will improve.
It’s the start of something amazing,
Those all important first steps towards greatness.

This inspires me to keep going.
Keep going everyday,
Acknowledging that if alive tomorrow,
Downs will come again,
While keeping faith that no matter what,
I will rise once again.

Up’s and down’s,
See even up’s can cause frowns,
When you thinking about tomorrow,
But what about living right now?

Written By: Matthew Taylor

The Devil Wears A Dress

I once thought she was awesome,
Then I realised I was a lost one.
She was one to do the run around,
I was just one that she wanted to be around.

With a devilish smile and charisma,
You just knew this girl was born to be a sinner.
No one could describe her,
She was one of them to sit back and admire.

She was looking for fame,
And played all the right games,
When you think you have her caught,
She sold you stories that you bought.

She ain’t the type you fall for,
Her game makes you want more,
Her lust the entrapment,
Love merely in fractions.

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_king89
From: Trinidad

A Piece Of Me

Imploring for attention,
Not my game.
Pre-occupied on doing me,
And grateful is thy name.

Insisting on secretly doing good behind closed doors is what truly matters,
Apologetic when I’m wrong remains one of my biggest assets.
Defiant in loss is something I can’t relate to,
Unearthing positives in every loss is something we should all be adapt to.

Arrogant about my opinions,
It’s what I truly believe in.
Affectionate to a select few,
Ask the small circle I today find myself in.

Often cautious in my approach to people of the opposite sex,
Constantly fighting to expel doubt from my brains application list.
Indecisiveness for the least part has allowed great opportunities to elude me,
Indecisiveness for the most part has protected me from my destiny.
I mostly seem to find myself interested in those who show no interest in me.
Those interested can surely then relate to me.
The seriousness of being out of the “game” this long often hits home every now and then in alarming fashion,
Never more so when I notice how bewildered I become when approached in a flirtatious manner.

My curiosity to dig deeper,
A trait developed from birth.
Incredulous nature,
To willingly accept that science gives all answers of our worth.
Irritated by Atheists condescending towards those who believe,
Hostile towards believers who don’t respect those who don’t believe.
Pensive in goals I’ve set out to achieve,
Anxious in my ability to cope with that which I’ve foreseen.

I find reassurance in the little good happening around the world,
That my ambitions are not in vain.
For every good deed outweighs a thousand bad,
I think I say this to help keep me sane.

If I carry on any further,
You too might question my sanity.
So I think I’ve said enough,
Just giving you a piece of me.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

A Place Called Heaven

There’s a place called heaven far far away,
A land full of glory and peace,
A place where I hope to be someday,
I repeat,
A place full of glory and peace.

I see the ladder’s are appearing,
The gate’s are opening wide,
Angel’s are singing in my ear’s
And God’s close by my side.
He puts his arms around me,
He say’s “My child come in,
You’re sins have been forgiven,
And you may enter in.”

I wake up and realize,
It’s just all but a dream.
Yet one I very much know,
Can be more than just a dream.

It can all come true,
If I stay on the right track.
Slipping and falling,
Surely is part of it all.

Sometimes they’ll keep you down,
When you just trying to get up,
Just remember.
When you reach the finish line,
And your name is in that book,
It wont matter what they said,
It wont matter if you crawled.


Written By: Matthew Taylor

Where Is It?

Some claim that they love you,
Yet with a simple mistake act like they never did.
So why should we love?
If its just a temporary trip,
Into one’s heart.

Love used to be so nice,
Well when it’s done right.
We used to look at our parents and say “Man I want that”,
Now parents don’t set examples,
They’re just as childish as us.

Guess love is something lost,
What we experience today is simply lust.
Well for the most part,
Cause most of us can’t be bothered,
In these times once you get hurt.
We use that as a shield,
To block out everyone in front of it.

But what about that one person?
The one that really wants to love you?
Don’t they or you deserve that chance?
Guess no one has time for old school romance.

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_king89
From: Trinidad

A Lost Generation

Imagine living in a world,
Where we could say exactly what’s on our mind.
Do you think peace would be able to over shadow war and crime?

Lately I feel like our generation is a lost cause,
But then again our parents raised us,
And that wouldn’t be fair to some of them at all.

I’ve seen sacrifices,
Endured hard times,
Heard neighbours making robberies to make sure rent is paid on time.
I live in a land where they say education is free,
But yet still there’s more drug dealers and gang bangers running free.
Tell me why don’t these young cats want to work their way up?
Perhaps because they like nice things and bling,
I guess all of them are the same.

No one said this life would have been easy,
Cause if it was,
Most of us would have been millionaires, now wouldn’t we?”

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_king89
From: Trinidad

I Guess She Stood Me Up…

“I dreamt about you all day,
Intentionally and unintentionally.
Can’t wait to taste you,
Hold you,
Feel you next to me,
Use my mouth to pop your sexy hat off,
Place my right hand gently over your spine.
Your worth every cent to me,
It feels good to know that your mine.

Every kiss tastes better,
Truly cant get enough of you.
The sweetest drug,
Tonight i might just treat you to the pool.
Never did that before,
Yet somehow I can’t help but sense déjàvu.
Wait! There’s this place I saw around town, 8pm just me and you!”

I placed my order,
Just so that i could see her.
Who knows what tonight the two of us could get up to.
Made sure the table was clear,
Looked around started worrying,
Couldn’t see her anywhere.
It was then,
Right there and then,
The waiter turned his back,
Looked right at me and said: “I’m sorry sir but we don’t serve no beer here.”


Written By: Matthew Taylor

I Break Bread With Street Kings

You think I’m reckless,
Coz you see me on the corner of the street,
On a Sunday afternoon,
Chatting to “bums”,
Smoking cigs,
Breaking bread,
Like we kings,
Truth is, we street kings.
You wanna judge?
Fuck you,
Coz you ain’t give us a damn thing!

Written By: Matthew Taylor

A Different Kind Of Hero

A hero to me is not just a person who died for their country,
Went inside a burning building or stuff like that.
A hero to me is a single mother who survives everyday by herself,
Working two jobs just to cover the rent,
Pay her kids tuition,
And make sure they don’t starve to death.

A teenager against all odds getting through peer pressure.
An alcoholic walking into a rehab center.
A father being not just a father but a friend,
A care giver,
A brick wall for his kids.

A friend who no matter what or how wrong you are,
Stands up for you and takes your side.
A girl who rejects the richest guy in the world,
Doesn’t want him for his money,
Doesn’t need his jewels.

A kid who gets bullied everyday,
Yet everyday looks em in the eye,
With a smile on his face.
A kid who defies all odds,
Leaves his mates,
To spend time with the “nerd”
Whom nobody involves.

A man who will take out a note,
Give it to the man on the street,
Even though he’s already dead broke.
A teacher who goes beyond her job,
To teach kids not only bout knowledge,
But how to spread love.

A person who no matter how hard they are being hit,
Or pushed,
Or beat down,
No matter how bad they are emotionally,
Or psychologically,
They stand up and keep going.
They push through the pain of life,

That to me is a hero.
A person who isn’t just there,
But is there living,


Written By: Matthew Taylor

Somewhere In-between

I’m free,
Free to do whatever I want to.
Living my life,
The only way that I want to.

Positive energy,
Surely produces a positive mind.
These two are sure to let the negatives decline.

No strings attached,
Is the way I like things best.
Yet falling down,
I’m not afraid,
I prefer such tests.

Grow me,
Mold me,
I’m alive so I’m blessed.
Here and now,
My future I owe to you God,
I forget the rest.
Focusing on the past is an act so jaded,
Try never to look back,
It’s old,
It’s faded.

Picked up 5 bucks,
Next day I placed 10 bucks back.
But forget what I did and what I’ll do,
It’s where I’m at.
See lives of Kings and Queens,
Is a life for tomorrow.
Past the teenage dream,
I’m just somewhere in-between.


Written By: Matthew Taylor

The Lonely Inmate

You giggle when I trip,
Laugh when I fall.
You’re an expert at exposing my weaknesses.
An exponential temptation to the worlds offerings.
You extort my mind to the things I enjoy,
But you remain external to me,
As your extraction tactics explode outside my exquisite wall.
But your temptations never expire,
Instead they increase in number.
I’m an experimental guy and your experiments never seem to fade.
You extravagant to get what you want,
And express your mission in various shapes and sizes.
I’m trying hard to expel you from my life,
But its easier said than done.
I’m not perfect,
And truth is I’ll never be.
That’s no excuse,
But with the man above on my side,
You will never have the upper hand on me.


Written By: Matthew Taylor

War Chest

I’m in a daze,
Feels more like a maze,
9-6 shifts,
Straight 5 days.
But I changed for the sake of my future,
Like 0-30,
That’s my life,
Like a ruler.

Contemplating my next step,
Coz I’ve got to move fast,
While appreciating everyday,
Like it’s my last breath.
Tattooed Jesus on my heart,
So I’m not afraid of death.
Predict my next move?
You’ll need a second guess.

I keep hearing I’m so kind,
You’d swear I’m a doorman,
Welcoming guests.
I remain this way even as I feel this girl by my side plotting something,
But right now,
I think i’m blinded,
Nice breasts.
I feel like telling everybody,
But she got me on house arrest.
Or maybe I’m just fooling myself,

At night I lay on my bed and wonder,
Am I possessed?
Thinking I’ll be safe through the night because I got a cross on my chest.
Went to church,
On my knees,
I just spat it out,
Got it addressed.
But I haven’t heard an answer from Jesus,
So really I’m not impressed.
I confessed,
About all my demons,
Now to you I confess.

Am I addicted to money?
Or am I recessed?
Coz without it I’m feeling lonely,
Perhaps even depressed.
I think I need to have my mind assessed,
Drop the life vest,
Face up to what it is & get a stress test.

Man life can be so bitter,
But I’m biting into it,
Lemon zest.
Taste isn’t always good,
But I love the feeling in my chest.
Can’t lie,
I’m not an angel,
But I try my best.
So fly,
Might build my own house,
Birds nest.
Wake up and look myself in the mirror,
Screaming “I’m the best!”
Man I gotta thank God that I just passed the test.

Sometimes we just need to kick back and forget the rest.
You know,
Just be at ease, have rest,
Rest is part of progress.

You oppressed?
Free your mind,
Never be afraid to express!
And if I’m not making sense,
Don’t come to me with your protests.
I dispossess,
Consider this note a mental test.
Go back to the start,
This note is like a war chest.
Good against evil,
I’m good,
Why settle for second best?
This shit is like a good cooked meal,
Yeah mom’s Sunday best.
Man you’d swear your mother took that plate out a treasure chest.
Back to the note,
Understand what I write is stronger than your average antidote.
Listen to what I say,
See how all your problems fall away,

Some say I’m a wannabe rapper,
But I don’t even rap?
This is poetry at It’s best,
So shut your big ass trap!
On second thought,
Love the hate,
Suggest you keep em coming.
For those who feel my words,
Be blessed,
Keep it 100.


Written By: Matthew Taylor

Full Circle

Cast me into a state of depression,
A place I’ve been many times before,
Let’s call it my profession.
This lonely ride i’m on,
I guess they call it life.
Still trying to figure this shit out,
Chronological succession.

Full circle,
It starts again.
When will i feel the presence of progression?
When one moment it being in my possession,
The down’s come tumbling,
One after the other in succession.
I tried a one-on-one session,
But my facial expression alone told her,
Depression has taken it’s position.

A greater ambition lies deep inside,
To avoid usual tradition,
Pretending that everything’s fine.
See I’m no tactician,
That’s my personal omission.
So it is what it is,
I am who i am,
I refuse to be partitioned.
So i speak from the heart,
The strongest ammunition.
I won’t go further in-depth,
I despise repetition.
But listen,
If you running away from love,
Man that’s basically malnutrition.
But come book yourself in,
She’s waiting….
My so-called dietician.


Written By: Matthew Taylor

My Beat

Beats of all kinds move through different people.
Slow beats,
Fast beats,
Ones you can’t even hear yet feel.
I’ve come across many people and heard all kinds of beats.
Some religious and some indigenous to a certain place.

Yet my beat can travel through time and not get old,
It can touch the soul from all corners and bring a smile to the old.
I choose to have a beat that’s universal,
A beat that can break language barriers,
A beat with a simple principle that can even be heard by animals.
My beat brings people together,
Brings laughter to those around.
My beat can last forever and lift those up who’ve been struck down.

A happy beat,
A friendly beat,
A scarce beat.
A beat spoken of yet not into practice often enough,
A beat from up above,
My beat is love.


Written By: Matthew Taylor

Define a King

Define a King…

Is it having all the riches?
Gold, special wine, giant diamond rings?
A crown of expensive gems,
All those “valuable” things?
Is it having all the women?
Perhaps spoiling all your kids?
Is it how you retaliate or get even?
You know, how you handle your biz?
Is it living in mansions?
Driving the best whips?
Following all the latest trends?
Knowing who and who is tryna get it in?


Is it one who creates his own trends,
And instead of punishments,
He focuses on making amends,
One who leads by example,
In the hope of breeding future Kings,
Not in fear of his position,
But see’s all as equal human beings,
Even the opposite sex,
All women are treated as Queens,
A modern day hero,
Who inspires all to be a team rather than simply lead?

Perhaps we all have our own definitions and reasons we aspire to be Kings,
But if your aspirations is that of the first section then I can’t really relate to your “being”,
To be honest I’m not sure if there’s even a way of doing things In-between,
The latter inspires me and if it inspires you too,
Then let’s all be “Kings” and treat all women as Queens.

Written By: Matthew Taylor

Let Go, Let God

Not all misunderstandings need to be rectified,
Sometimes God’s plans come at the cost of man’s pride.
Some of the best creations have come from silly mistakes,
Sometimes a good relationship can be ruined for something great.
Not all mistakes and misunderstandings can be humanly explained,
Trust God,
Coz’ sometimes our plans don’t match the future he’s already laid.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


How much time do we put into the decisions we make,
“Spur of the moment” sometimes can be the biggest mistake.

The mystique of a quick decision is one we all like to make,
For me spontaneity is becoming slightly decayed,
I hope that you can relate,
To that which I say,
I’d prefer it that way,
Wouldn’t want to see any of us pay,
The price of rolling the dice to be cool in some way.

Peer pressured decisions will get your mind contaminated,
Type of shit that could just get you incarcerated,
In more ways than one, not simply just gated,
Incarcerated in ways that’ll leave your life ahead naked.

Frowns often given to the thoughtful overthinkers,
Quick decision makers labelled brainless is how it’s often seen,
Perhaps best if there’s a balance somewhere in-between.

Written By: Matthew Taylor