Try With Me Too

I don’t wish I was perfect,
Life would truly be boring that way.
I know I have thing’s I need to work on,
I just wish you’d give me a little time to put my soul on airplay.

I’m trying,
To open up further,
And give you a clearer view.
Can we just meet soon?
And you try with me too? 🌱

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Be Patient

Learning to compromise is not a pretty process.
Getting to know one another on a deeper level,
Can be tedious and often played out like a game of chess.

But be patient,
Some people are still learning to open up parts of themselves.
Be patient,
Some are still learning that there are parts of themselves they too do not know dwells.

Be patient,
Lend a hand,
Your caution sinks quicker than quicksand.

Break the walls you have built,
For they have blurred your vision.
Be patient,
Take your finger off the trigger,
Be a dove,
Stop overthinking,
For where there is laughter and happiness,
There is love.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


If I Die Today

Remember me not for my flaws
But as a man with good intentions
A heart that is pure
With love that is greater than most are willing to explore.

Covered in layers of self-doubt
Once hurt by what most cannot endure
Maintained happiness and willingness to always love once more
But found that nobody seemed open to a love so sure
Or saw worth in removing this self-doubt which haunted
Which I realize today to me was so obscure.

I guess all I really needed was to feel a little secure
Words left unspoken
And a realization a little too late
As she just walked out the door.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


I Pray For You

Tonight I pray, for clarity.
Tonight I pray, for peace.
A prayer, for you.
A prayer, for me.
Whatever we go through,
Whatever you seek,
Just know that God’s got you,
Everyday of the week.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Her Shade

It’s okay,
It’s okay.
I know somehow I’ll be ok.
I guess I’m just the one to plant the seed in you,
Though I’ll never get the pleasure to sit in your shade.
And for that dude who does,
I hope he treats you the same.
Coz all I ever wanted,
Was to never see you broken-hearted again.

I walk away,
That I could find it in me for us to still be friends.
But while these feelings burn inside,
I’m not sure we can make amends.
Maybe someday I’ll find peace,
And someone to water my garden.
Until then,
I wish you well,
Hope you finish what you started.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


A Fling, Now Floored

One step forward,
Two steps back.
My realization has me thinking,
Somewhere we fell off track.

Scattered thoughts and hearts,
Have never sat well with me.
Guess bad timing is really a thing,
I know it’s him or me.

I know I’m worth so much more,
Even though so flawed.
So it’s fuck you too,
A new journey has soared.
Don’t text,
Don’t call,
Don’t reach out when you bored.
Don’t send me no pictures,
A fling, now floored.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Mind > Matter

As the moon seems frail,
I wanna smoothen your sail.
But texts flying across the unseen,
On my screen seem like braille.
So I’d much rather call,
Send you letters in the mail.
Instead you up at 3am texting him,
So I pour some more ale.
Although my heart aches now,
And my skin turns pale,
I hope I wake up tomorrow,
And my mind prevails.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


The One That Got Away

Let it go,
Didn’t you hear the alarm ring?
Stop clinging,
Start living,
Life is not a sure thing.

I know you tried a few times,
And the inconsistency stings.
But it’s time to say goodbye,
Guess that was just a good fling.

You should have known better,
Than open up to a no-better.
Though no love is lost,
You gotta go and do better.

I know you wish her all the best,
Just know that someday,
She’ll wake up and realize,
You the one that got away.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Happy, With Me

In the depths of my heart,
I sing a sweet song.
Of a memory with you,

The moment that I knew,

I was gone,

And you were true.

As you moved around graciously,
I tried to earn your grace.
A race I kept losing,
Between you and fate.

I was wrong to just give up,
Yet kind to let you be.
I hope that you know,
That I wanted you with me.
But as I let you go,

To fight your own demons,
I just wanted you to know,
That I want you to be happy,
Happily free.

But that doesn’t change that I,

Still hope one day,
Just one day you’ll find peace,

And be happy, with me.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


The Moment I Knew

I’m not sure if you’ve heard or noticed,
This may not be new news.
But I sort of like you,
And I don’t know how to tell you,
But it’s true.

I once only saw blue,
That was before I’d met you.
Before I heard you laugh,
And saw you scrunch up your nose.
Before I held your hand,
Witnessed your beautiful smile,
As I froze.

I don’t know if you realized,
But when we stood outside and you spoke to me,
I drifted away for hours,
Starring into your eyes.
I felt it deep inside,
Tingling in my tummy.
I was shocked and surprised,
By the feeling of butterflies.

I just want to be around you,
You’re warm and kind.
You make my heart smile,
And I hope that you’ll stick around with me,
For a really long while.

Written By: Matthew Taylor
Twitter: @MattTaylorVII


Life Has Just Started

Wake up,
Keep going,
A new day has dawned.
Though yesterday is gone,
Your understanding has evolved.

There are matters of importance way far beyond,
The reckless general consensus,
You feel the need to correspond.

Wake up,
Keep going,
A new day has dawned.
Though yesterday has graciously departed,
Life has just started.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


I’d Rather Be Alone

I’d rather be alone.

See, my biggest superpower remains that no matter how deeply invested I am in you,
The moment that energy shifts,
It shifts,
And there’s nothing I can do about it.

Truth is,
You don’t get to choose me when it’s convenient for you,
You don’t get to respond to my text after you’ve gone on and offline twenty times,
And expect me to answer you?

You either here or you not.
Scattered thoughts and hearts don’t sit well with me.

So I’d rather be alone knowing what’s good for me and my heart.
Deeply invested but the energy is not reciprocated,
That’s lonely to me.
So I’d rather be alone than lonely.

Written By: Matthew Taylor
Twitter: @MattTaylorVII


Temporary Forevers

As the trains come and go throughout the city and catch my eye,
I often find myself observing and obsessing at the thought that no matter the destination,
Stops are made.
People hop off,
People hop on.
Same final destination for the fast moving train.

I love the unknown,
So I decide to eventually hop on and see where the train might end without asking any questions.
To my surprise,
I find the train empty,
But before I know it, it stops.
People hop on,
A conversation sparks,
Laughter crackles,
A connection is made.
And before I know it,
The train stops and that person is rushing off to their destination and I’ve barely touched the surface.

But the train keeps moving,
More people hop on,
Further conversations spark,
Connections made,
People leave,
And I find myself alone again,
Wondering what could have been.

I don’t know where this train is headed,
And I’m too afraid to ask.
Who do I even ask?
And do I even want to know?
Why do people just come and go?
Why am I always left alone?
Does nobody else share,
Excitement of the unknown?

I guess we all have our own paths,
Careers or personal endeavors to attend to.
Perhaps there are lessons to be gained,
Or maybe conversations on this train are not to be taken too seriously.
For as the train stops,
Connections sever,
And without knowing where you going,
You left with nothing but temporary forevers.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


11 Hours Away

Can’t seem to stop thinking about you,
While girls on my phone keep asking me to come through.
“We haven’t seen you in a while,
What the fuck happened to you?
We used to have so much fun,
There someone I want to introduce you to,
You know the one I told you about? She’s here and wants to meet you.”
I promised I’d be on my way.
But just as I put down the phone,
I pick it up and dial your number,
11 hours away.

We haven’t spoken in a while,
And I needed to hear your voice.
Before I do something stupid,
I realize I have a choice.

As I attempt to construe my actions,
It’s clear that I need to let you know how I truly feel about you,
That I always think about you,
And so dearly need to see you.

But I just can’t help but feel,
Like this could be a big mistake.
That I may just end up losing you,
A precious friendship at stake.

So I ponder,
And lay awake at 2:30am.
As I grow fonder,
I can’t help but wonder if you relate and feel the same.

Whatever happens,
I just hope that somehow you’ll stay.
You’re amazing and special to me,
Even at 11 hours away.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Happiness, To Me

Making it safely back home again,
Waking up in the morning and feeling no pain.
My favourite shirt with no messy stains,
Taking walks at night in the beautiful rain.

Living in my little comfy humble home,
Having silent talks with God knowing I’m not alone.
Spare time on thoughts of a trip to Rome,
Friends to call on and a beautiful city to roam.

Family to depend on and freely be me,
Smile on the face of the one I long to see.
Me just once more being mentally free,
This brings joy and happiness to me.

Written By: Matthew Taylor



How was I supposed to feel safe to be myself around you?
When you’re not in touch with your own heart,
And can’t express yourself fully and fearlessly.
With seas seemingly far from calm,
I dived in whole heartedly,
And truth being I cannot swim,
I took a chance,
Believing in you when you didn’t,
Believing you’d take a leap too,
Somehow, show me the way.

Yet as I look up with my arms stretching out,
It’s clear you’ve left me at bay.
How dare you just walk away.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


The Moment

And so comes the real moment of making the difficult decision.
You know you have to gather some courage to make that step,
And even though you know it’s for the best,
You can’t help but feeling slightly devastated and afraid of what’s coming next.

It’s the moment you realize you’re really by yourself again.
And it’s not that you can’t live alone,
But you dread the fact of no longer being able to share life experiences with that person you have feelings for,
However, you know you can’t endure the lies and stay with them anymore.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


When Energy Shifts

Nothing worse than putting someone in first place,
When you can tell that you last.
And that “friend” she’s been telling you she’s been hanging with,
Turns out to be the dude from her “past.”

You can tell when energy shifts,
Delayed responses immit,
Those stories your friends told you that you ignored,
Now starting to fit.

I forgave a little lie in the start,
How ridiculous was I to play with my heart.
Once a woman lies you should know better,
Instead I continued writing silly love letters.

But as I come to this realization,
I realize you entitled to do you.
I guess I’m just mad at myself,
For thinking better of you.

Written By: Matthew Taylor



I’m affected by witnessing you hurt others,
And reflected on how you seem so unbothered,
Guess you keep it all inside,
I’m just appalled I played a part in this,
Cold heartedness I’ve now detected.

So I’m taking a step back,
Pulling eject before I get too invested.
Grey ticks turn to blue ticks,
To old hoes once rejected.
Let me blow off a little steam,
Afraid you’ll leave me too feeling dejected.

I should be happy and I’d be lying if I said I was truly unaffected,
I guess fear sometimes is your conscience,
Keeping your energy protected.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


My Weakness = My Strength

As kindness, sympathy and transparency overflows,
I’m considered weak and naive,
Sensitive I suppose.

But I’m no fool,
I consider these my strengths.
As you consider these my weaknesses,
I’m always one step ahead.

Expressing “too much”,
No guard at my disposal.

My energy remains pure,
As you consider these my weaknesses,
You have no idea how much my heart has endured.

As you consider these my weaknesses,
I’m unsure who’s weak,
The one who freely feels,
Or the one whom has built up a wall,
Afraid to feel and have to heal.

As you consider these my weaknesses,
I realize the world’s vision is simply obscured and I can take pride in who I am,
And my consequential burn mark.

As you consider these my weaknesses,
I walk before you and toss another torch,
To lead you out of the dark.

Written By: Matthew Taylor
Twitter: @MattTaylorVII


Letter To My First Born

Lil face, lil feet, lil hands.
Seen them for the first time our lil unplanned.
A miracle on a lil screen,
One I thought I’d never see.
Already want to give you the very best of me,
I’m excited for what is to come,
For now I just have to wait till you being wonderfully made is finally done.
Emotions I can’t fully explain,
I just know that my life is about to never be the same again.
Lil face , lil feet, lil hands.
I wrote this for you our lil unplanned.

Written By: Itayi Farai Simango
Twitter: @Tyzza

Faith In You

Reading your text realizing I should have gotten back to you,
But thoughts of you lately have me feeling deflated.

Inconsistency in energy,
Brings up bitter memories of a love I once knew.
Simplicity is all I look for,
Transparency in you.

I don’t know where this is headed,
Or if what I hope for is truly what I want.
While haunting memories continue to taunt,
A smile I continue to flaunt.

As doubt lingers,
You begin to bloom before me,
And I start to see past the colour blue.
As someone once always feeling the need to tinker,
I realise that flaws are what makes you,
As someone with many myself,
I realize you accept me,
For me.
And for that,
I begin to have faith,
In you.

Written By: Matthew Taylor



You don’t see me anymore,
You once saw no-one else,
What happened to love galore?
Now crossing paths is filled with suspense.

Thing’s changed so now I don’t exist?
Treated like the worst of the worst, criminal.
Both hearts broken but unevenly split,
Coz I still see you but to you,
I’m just invisible.

Written By: Itayi Farai Simango
Twitter: @Tyzza

Why Should I

I used to want forever and a day kind of love,
That “I can’t go a day without you” kind of love.
Those random pop up’s to make sure I’m good kind of love.
But unfortunately we live in a time where it’s no good to fall in love.

Everything is sped up,
No courtships,
So easily we get fed up,
And we’re only as appreciated as the last we did.
Not the time we been together,
So why should I give my heart?
To an unforgiving generation of the misinformed,
Who never really try to not get it wrong.

Seems like falling in love with someone toxic really is the new norm.

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_King89


You thought the end of us would end me,
Like a faulty chute spiralling out of control you’d sent me.
But now past me looks at the present with eyes of envy,
No longer Mr. Glass,
You can never break nor bend me.

Written By: Itayi Farai Simango
Twitter: @Tyzza

The Price We Pay

Damn straight,
You don’t owe me any explanation.
You don’t owe me a damn thing,
Not your time,
Your presence,

I figured you were different,
Since I always see the good in people.
But it’s clear it was more than being distant,
But I suppose you’ll call it your own discretion,
Petty excuses hoes make for leaked revelations.

But you right,
You don’t owe me shit.
Not your honesty,
Or declarations.

Guess that’s the price we pay for silly expectations.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Map To The Moon

Time is precious,
Accept that it will never go back to the way it once was.
You can lay up at night restless,
Constantly citing memories where it may have gone wrong,
But ultimately, you’re helpless.

Thoughts of the past can be reckless.
Subscribe to a degree of zealous carelessness,
Implement graciousness, as you brush aside the demands of your attention and time,
That sense of entitlement of an ex-lover and new flings alike.
Subscribe to endless friendliness,
But reject the notion to allude and project a false sense of happiness.

People grow closer,
Some people grow further apart.
Situations gained,
A love once seemingly unbreakable folds.
A new love evolves,
And past connections and mutual friends change.

But smile,
Regret is easy to drown in,
Swimming in the idea that you can change the past.
Your mind is precious,
And your thoughts have the ability to protect your heart from the pain.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


The Piscean Dreamer

This place can be crazy,
Full of clutter and confusion.
A mixture of colours and music,
To paint it would be to create an optical illusion.
It’s not for the faint of heart,
Don’t you dare think you can just enter.
Coz at times it’s a harsh environment,
Worse than your coldest winter.

It’s a space I get to call my own,
My refuge from humanity,
My home away from home.
Where I get to relax and create art in lyrical form,
Or just go a lil’ nuts, at times it can be tiring trying to conform,
To this world which can be both a cruel and equally beautiful place,
So in here I’m well protected, I rest, recharge and get back up to face.

Life outside my protected bubble,
Where it’s often Me, Myself and I gathered in our little huddle.
Don’t be alarmed if at times I appear to be hard to reach or find,
Because truthfully,
I’m probably just wondering the endless hallways that are in my mind.

Written By: Itayi Farai Simango
Twitter: @Tyzza

A Warm November Night

Let’s take a jaunt along the coast,
On a warm November night.
When the wind barely blows,
And the full moon illuminates the dark sky with a cherished light.

I just want to place myself on the sand,
With the ocean gently covering my feet at intervals and slowly passing through beneath me.
While I gaze deep into your eyes and listen to your euphonic voice as you take me through intimate details of your experiences as a branching out tree,
Living care-free,
Under lock and key.

I could tell you more of me,
But issues that once mattered no longer carry weight.
I’d much rather listen to you and your vision,
Discuss topics such as fate.
Have friendly debates,
And learn from each other,
As we sink deeper into the wet sand,
We nurture each other.

With the moon looking over us,
I know we’ll be just fine.
As the universe remains a mystery,
I look up and notice how stars have aligned.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Here, Waiting…

I feel like I’ve been here for hours,

I didn’t want this.
I was perfectly happy being all alone.
Having all of me to myself,
My thoughts,
My time,
My zone.
But your mystique and charm,
Brings an unusual sense of calm to my strained mind.

So I’ve decided to put it all out there,
Be open.
Say what’s on my mind,
Let go of the fear of being judged,
Show you how much I care.

I wish you’d do the same,
But I understand that loads you feel you can’t share.
Even though I’ve already been told so much by the world,
A part of me feels this may take a game of truth or dare.
But I refrain,
I don’t want you to feel forced and awkward.
So I await the moment you’ll choose to lay it all out,
Be comfortable being bare.

I just want to see you fly,
So I guess I’ll just remain here with these helium balloons,
Starring at the moon,
For hours,
Shit I’ve lost count.

Written By: Matthew Taylor


Authenticity Is Lost

Nobody is genuine,
Nobody really cares.
Just a lot of people surviving,
Living in fear.
Fear of what may happen if they were to tell the truth,
Selfishness is the new trust,
Because they believe lies are bulletproof.

Written By: Shane Reyes
Twitter: @Trigga_King89